IJWCA's   Web Bulletin Vol. 11  (1st Issue 26th October, 2005)   Uploaded in November, 2018




A Trip to Remember

Khushboo Agarwal

On 4th Sep 2017, I left India for a six months Teacher’s Training course in Japan. Although I had yearned to be a part of this program for a long time, I left my country with a heavy heart as I have never had stayed away from my family for so long. However, after I reached Japan, fear gradually gave way to excitement as I was exposed to this whole new world where I had so much to learn and grow.

I became a student once again after a long time. Whether it was, learning the language, teaching methodology or about the everyday life of Japan, I realized that I was enjoying every moment of it. However, what excited me the most was that finally I was putting to use what I had learnt for so many years. There, I got an opportunity to use the language not only with the natives, but also with people from 26 different countries (other participants in the course), each having their own mother tongue and the common language of interaction among us being Japanese.

The trip to Japan became memorable to me for many reasons. Japan is beautiful in many ways. The vivid colors of autumn, the purity of the winter snow, are a treat to the eyes. The technology, the culture, the kind considerate ways of people, makes this place unforgettable.

As I was leaving Japan, I experienced a strange sadness. Sadness one feels at leaving one’s home. There is a lot that I have learned in Japan. And the experience motivates me face challenges, to set high goals and move towards them with confidence. 




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